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Mizik Rasin: Rhythm and Roots of Haiti


For all the tough-guy posturing of the gangsta rappers, the language of rebellion in hip-hop, the coolly sour attitude of alternative rock, North American pop music is, more often than not, just another product vying for shelf space, not much more subversive than soap.
The pop music of Haiti is a battlefield.

The Heart of the Blues The Mississippi Delta Speaks to Music Lovers Everywhere


This is the heart of the Delta, a brooding, magnificent plain in northwest Mississippi that runs south to Vicksburg, east to Mississippi’s central mountain range, and spills over into Arkansas to the west and Tennessee to the north.

The blues were born around here at the turn of the century, and its ghosts still haunt the place. The markers are everywhere: gravestones standing in empty fields, a roofless, wooden shack at the side of the road, a weather-beaten barn, its paint peeling.

Argentina: See No Evil


Tourists in Buenos Aires don't take pictures of auto inspection garages in Floresta, a working-class neighborhood, but I was not exactly a tourist and I knew this place as something else.
I had seen it before -- if only in photographs more than a decade old. It looked changed.

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