What Have We Done So Far


Miami’s House of Blues, Jazz, and Civil Rights


When saxophonist Jesse Jones Jr. takes the stage at <a href="https://www.historichamptonhouse.org/">The Hampton House</a>, Friday, as part of the “Jazz in the House” series, he will be putting the spotlight back on a remarkable piece of Miami history. Giants once walked around on this place, but time and economic and social changes turned splendor into dust — almost. Dilapidated and slated for demolition in 2000, it was saved by the efforts of dedicated local activists, declared a protected historical landmark in 2002, and restored after a multimillion, mostly county-funded effort.

“Take Five ” With A Pakistani Swing


Globalization has produced many stories — not all inspiring. But having a Pakistani ensemble become a worldwide sensation by playing Paul Desmond’s immortal “Take Five,” which pianist Dave Brubeck turned into a hit nearly 50 years ago, has to be one of the most delightful — and improbable.

Astrid Hadad Takes Mockery Seriously


Mexican singer, actress, and performance artist Astrid Hadad takes the absurd seriously. Her surreal brand of cabaret lampoons the marketing of Mexico’s cultural icons and reframes received historical truths. Her costumes, often marvels of movable set design, unfold, billow and blink. At one moment, she’s a living Diego Rivera calla lilies painting, and the next, a walking Aztec pyramid. She can turn herself into an altar, a revolver-shooting mama, and a Frida Kahlo trinket.

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