What Have We Done So Far

Berklee College of Music

The Shape of Jazz To Come


Women have been part of jazz from its beginning. It’s a rich but complicated story framed by limited opportunity mixed with unwritten rules, sexism, and benign neglect. None of this is surprising: Generous as jazz can be, as art, it both reflects and shapes the society that produces it. 

“We live in a patriarchal society, and that patriarchal thread has run through this music as well,” says Terri Lyne Carrington, drummer, and producer, as well as the artistic director of the Berklee Institute of Jazz and Gender Justice.

Berklee Global Jazz Institute (Boston): Interdisciplinary Work

Developed in collaboration with Danilo Pérez, founder and artistic director of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute, and Marco Pignataro, the Institute's managing director, this Creativity and Expression in the Arts course explored an interdisciplinary approach to music-making.

The central idea was to examine conceptual frameworks and methods in other art disciplines and then use them in practical exercises to explore fresh creative strategies in music composition, performance, and improvisation.


Berklee College of Music Valencia Campus. Writing for Musicians.

Working with Casey Driessen, Program Director Contemporary Performance (Production Concentration) Berklee College of Music, Valencia Campus,  in 2018-2019 we offered a series of workshops under the umbrella Writing for Musicians, covering subjects such as Artist Statements, Bios, Press Releases, and Criticism.

The idea behind this project was that these days, musicians must also be entrepreneurs and, as such,  be able to communicate clearly and concisely about who they are and their work.

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